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Nikon D500 Camera review

DSLR camera presentation 

DSLRs are still the favorite cameras for some photographers, people who are experts. Along with a solid focal point, most current DSLRs are equipped to capture images for dynamite. Power-powered models offer stronger performance, greater strengths, and better development, but will naturally charge a higher cost. DSLR is a type of device that uses interchangeable touch points, and in the near light, cameras and mirrors are often confused with mirrors. DSLR uses mirrors to reflect light from the focal point of the optical camera lens (OVF) when capturing the screen and increases the mirror to allow sensor light. Cameras without a mirror eliminate the mirror frame and OVF (hence the label). In the face of the mirror, DSLRs tend to be larger than their parents without a mirror. However, the OVF displays a more accurate picture (it's a good impression of what you're shooting) and works better in low light. Digital SLRs also offer more extensive automatic operation, as well as greater centralized options and greater independence. Although many new non-mirror cameras have speeded up their performance, many of them keep up with DSLRs.

Nikon D500 Camera picture
Nikon D500 Camera Review 

When in a DSLR range, the modern scheme is not a confirmation. The completely black D500 camera resembles Nikon's new digital SLR camera designed specifically for fans, including Nikon's red brand in the basement and artificial leather. It is huge and massive, and is estimated at 5.8 x 4.6 x 3.2 inches and weighs about 27 ounces for the body alone. The battery includes a focal point and a high solid gauge. This is not unexpected because most digital SLRs with a hard climate with magnesium caps are very important: their size and weight are identical with those of the complete D750. The value of the Nikon glass does not diminish for Mount F of the D500. In the middle of our tests, we use chat, 400 mm faxes, different cousins and a variety of methods; the ED magnification is used from 16-80mm f / 2.8-4E, plus it refers to ED 18-300mm f / 3.5-5.6G. These DX connection points, however, the D500 will also work with full-frame effect contact points. 

There are many different controls on the front of the camera. The best platform has a large LCD screen to check your configuration quickly. There is a shoe (no latent fire) and a two-layer control panel. The best line gets the quality, measurement, mode and white balance, while the basic part allows you to quickly change the burst and silence patterns, automatic clock, mirror (to help reduce camera movement) and different configurations. The waiting is a curtain, lever activated or deactivated. The control and take for video recording, ISO, and advance drives. There is a vicious circle in the shade and another in the back. 

Nikon D500 Camera storage, lens, and battery 

The rear has a tilt adjustment of 3.2-inch LCD contact points rated at 2,359 KB, which is fairly large in 2016. The optical camera lens is perfectly sweet with 100% range and 1x magnification; it's huge, bright and very fun to use. There are stack shots surrounding the LCD screen, including Live View controls for photos and recordings. On the right side t, here is a compartment with two card slots, and this is where the signs of improvement appear when thinking about D500's innovation. The opening recognizes the SD standard while the alternate backup is in the new XQD 2.0 format. Nikon has delivered the fastest SDHC Card UHS-II Lexar XQD 64GB (offering about $ 100) of 440 Mb / s, much more flexible. 

This proved useful because we started long bursts of 5,518 x 3,712 pixels at a rate of 10 lines per second (fps). At any time it was slow to create images on the map. It was very good. We would like to see more producers grasp this standard, but still have a few video cameras from Sony as well as Nikon D500 DSLRs with D5, D4, and D4S. There are three booths on the left side for USB 3.0, HDMI, microphone and headphone connections. The battery compartment, which is rated at 1240 stroke, is located in the base. Due to its fast burst speed and 4K video, the CMOS bodes well for something despite the fact that we spend almost every day without the battery giving the appearance. 

Specifications of the NIKON D500 camera and performance and use 

The 20.9-megapixel D500 features Nikon's new Nikon 5 image processing. We gave the camera an exercise for half a month, including a pair of long preparation periods with Nikon specialized in Palm Springs, California, and took several themes. (Disclaimer: We were visitors to Nikon, however, all assumptions to us). With the D500 body, we approach a large number of contact points, including the new Nikon SB-5000 AF. As he said, adding up a small overall round of 16-80 mm and a light beam carries a 27-ounce room to another level, but in general w,e had little difficulty keeping the device. For a 400-mm fax, the monopod was always essential. For all purposes and purposes, each high-quality camera has Wi-Fi and NFC availability, therefore, make the D500. 

The new Nikon SnapBridge frame also helps with a little Bluetooth integration. At present, your cell phone or tablet can be quickly integrated with your camera, and low-level capabilities are resolved by Bluetooth (the most focused companies, like photo trading, in any case, you need Wi-Fi). Our example was a bit complicated at first and it took some effort to integrate a DSLR camera with the Samsung Cosmic S5. When we did, he quickly downloaded the photos on the phone (Wi-Fi completed). When you accept the Nikon ID, you will get a reseller storage and the application allows you to remotely control the camera. 

Commentators in the camera tend to stink by playing constantly with the latest games, and often ask if another element can be compared to the claims of the institution. All in all, Nikon has talked a lot about the new D500. Due to the nature of the still images, they are firm against the most expensive full frame cameras. This camera is a carpet for the winner in the publisher's decision, and depends on what descends on the street, a bedroom that is threatened for the year. Nikon has pulled the brakes for this APS-C model and really looks. Note: Do not expect any repair for the D500, since the single-body configuration is currently subject to a rain test regardless of where you are looking

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