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Macbook pro 2018 review

Macbook pro 2018
Macbook pro-2018
Nowadays many people already know if they want a Mac or a laptop with Windows: If you're already familiar with Mac or Windows, the simplest solution is to buy a PC running this operating system. That said, Mac and Windows were not very similar, and the most popular applications also work equally on all platforms on those that work the same way. If you are interested in change, it is not as important as before.

Review the MacBook Pro 2018 here, and as usual, comes in two sizes, a 13 and 15-inch version. In appearance, the new laptops from Apple are exactly the same as laptops for previous generations, but significant improvements have been made. Importantly, the new third-generation keyboard has introduced a butterfly switch, Apple points out in the press material of that lead to a quieter typing experience. Fortunately, this does not seem to be the only new keyboard feature, as the internal repair document shows that a new membrane has been developed to prevent dirt from entering.

Apple in mid-2018 The MacBook Pro offers two-on-a-kind laptops: a quad-core CPU in all models and a 13-inch hex core CPU on all 15-inch models. These changes are made thanks to Intel's 8-Lake Coffee architecture, the Core i5 CPU, the i7's and the I9 found in every new MacBook Pro card holder for members. DDR4 memory is standard in 15-inch models. This allows buyers, if they wish, to configure this device with up to 32 GB of memory. While the MacBook Pro was not the major new physical design, there are a lot of important changes in this review that will extend the real benefits to users.

Third generation keyboard 

Keyboard keys Butterfly MacBook Pro is one of the most polarized features to appear in Apple products for a long time. Known for being noisy and flattered when infiltrated with small dust granules, this keyboard was a constant conflict zone between Apple users since its inception.

Up to 32GB of DDR4 memory 

There is another scoop from MacBook Pro 2018 around memory. Specifically, the 15-inch 2018 model is the first Apple laptop can be configured with more than 16 GB of RAM. The eighth generation chips found in the MacBook Pro can technically support up to 64GB of memory, but Apple allows you to optimize on-demand manufacturing configurations with 32 GB DDR4 memory to 2400MHz. More memory means the ability to run more business applications simultaneously. If you're multi-task heavy, the 15-inch MacBook Pro configured with 32 GB of RAM can speed up your workflow.


Each MacBook Pro 2018 models have 15-inch Intel Graphics UHD 630 GPU integrated, with Radeon GPU Pro 550X or AMD 560X with 4GB of GDDR5 memory. By default, auto-switching is enabled for graphics to switch between integrated graphics processing units to save power. The 13-inch devices feature the integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 graphics processor, with no separate graphics.


If you're interested in buying a MacBook Pro 2018, what model should I get? If you are a publisher of photos or videos that plan to use the MacBook Pro as the main workstation, the 15-inch model is definitely the one for you. It is obviously less portable than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, but the mini-version cannot match the amount of on-screen real estate and additional options. This makes a big difference when editing schedules and works with color correction in applications like Final Cut Pro and X and the Davinci Adobe CC solution.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro also comes with the following statements that are not included in the 13-inch model: 

The option of 32 GB of RAM
4 TB SSD option
Radeon Pro GPU discrete
6-core CPU
Large trackpad
Speakers are much better

If your ability is the first factor, it is clear that the 13-inch MacBook Pro cannot be beaten. The smallest version is the one I recommend to users working with the tougher or who simply do not need all the additional aesthetics available in a wider budget model. However, if you are a creative professional who intends to use the new MacBook Pro as the main machine, go for the 15-inch model and do not look back.

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