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Honor the new vision of the new smartphone

Hello, my friends, I will show you today that they are previewing a new phone in South Asia, so read this article from start to finish.

Honor Play Preview the new tool

RacePoint Play is a promising mobile phone with the brand claimed by Huawei and is expected to be shipped to India on August 6th. So far in 2018, we respect the honorary leaders (investigation) and expenditure of honor 7A and 7C (check) of the 9N honors (check), and other pipelines, for example, notes honor 10 was operated by bus in China

Huawei GPU Innovation GPU is the main mobile phone in India, in the case of honor. This will require other respected mobile phones thanks to OTA updates. The various features of the game are updated respect the AI camera, a metal supporting up to 6GB of peace and reliable processor HISILICON Kerin 970. And with respect for the cost of the sport in India has not been opened, the representative said the organization in contempt 360 that this machine will be in the assessment of China, Which is 1 999 CNY (about 20 100) to change 4GB Slam. And 2,399 CNY (usually 24,100 rupees) for a variation of 6 GB. Both have a capacity of 64 GB UFS 2.1, both of which go to the Indian market. This type of evaluation and coordination with Xiamen Mi A2 can honor the game in the competition, which may come from India with a similar assessment technique for the week. Besides my A2, we can expect that the game meets all the similarity of competition for Nokia 7 or more (scan), Huawei P20 Lite (Checking) and Moto X4 (revision).

Game lines HoNor

The current premium is respected and the cell phone HOF contains a metal body in take-off, a racing game and not a glass plate. Respect is a suggestion that opens options to meet people so that a simple meal plan is provided to people to see the glassy structure and vision. We consider that the metal body is very acceptable to catch, although it is not clear how bright the current configuration of the MFI is. The phone will be defeated in South Asia.

There is a dual adjustment of the rear camera vertically to the "An I camera" mark behind the mobile phone. The launch is a 16-megapixel sensor with an F / 2.2 focus point and an optional 2-megapixel camera with F / 2.4 slots. The application of the local camera has a lid to put the AI, more clearly on the photos taken in daylight or with excellent indoor lighting. We have not yet respected the respectable capabilities of light and respect, and we have to sit and wait for our scrutiny to make a decision on current phone cameras.

Donate IPS LCD Game Respect the full HD screen of 6.3 inches (1080x2340 pixels) with 19.5 percentage views: 9 and NTP can multiply 85 percent of the background of the dramatic matrix. The plan is not unlimited, although the result is sufficient at the highest point of the screen. There is also a full button on the base, with a sign of respect, although the side is rather thin. To reduce the long form factor, it is difficult to maintain a respectable game with one hand. Start, Back and Rebuild There are root keys on the screen. The intent can be hidden anywhere, including the dark edges. The result is a 16-megapixel front camera and a large sensor.
In the short time we spent with the game of honor, we found that the unique icon sensor in the back had been placed a bit for more comfort. It can also be, in the form of implementation, quick and accurate.

Respect game details

The control of a respectable game is the same HiSilicon Kieren 970 that we've seen powered by many respected cell phones and Huawei in recent years. This processor is expected to be redesigned, which is expected to occur at IFA 2018 at the end of August. Taking everything into account, we say that the race seems to be smart and that the combination of the CPU and the Huawei NPU (Neural Unit Setup) decided how to handle the companies without playing. Our full review will review the implementation of this phone on the existing milestone and comment, and will also be used regularly.

The Respect game has a 3,750 mAh battery and comes with a 9 V / 2 A (18 W) charging connector. No innovation strengthens the battery Huawei supercharged 22.5 watts. Battery life is also trying to check us very much, soon. Such as other mobile phones

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