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We are already in the second half of 2018, and now areas enthusiastically imagine a large number of luxury phones you deal with. Note the new Samsung and LG following the new V and iPhones and - clearly - Pixel line tone.


Google pixel 3 XL and pixel 3: We generally expect

Google should launch a 3 pixel 3 pixel XL and in October almost the same as the previous two times, expect to be very bright and impose satisfaction with Android, of course. We'll get a team to revive and two or three new features that will guarantee the update. In any case, what can these characteristics be?

Without a doubt, we must dive and study everything we know so far about the new and new things Pixel 3 will bring.

Plan - Take Sangria -

The pixel was 2 pixels 2 and the normal exposure XL 16: 9 and the mode is 18: 9, specific in all cases, the OVERTALK bits, spills and pixel screen until the uncut 3 and 3 pixel XL have a stolen show that both phones will join the club Domain "this time.

One says that despite these movements, the phone will not pass through multiple pixels 2 and 2 XL to reduce its size and size. Their backs have all the precautions of being really similar to the antiquity, with a mixture of metal and glass.

It seems that the 3 pixels will have the LG G6-esque look in the foreground, with a screen of 18: 9 and 5.3 inches with the best and most basic edges. Pay Pixel 3 XL, of course, your appearance, expand the view. The screen should be a 6.2-inch angle in the area and "drain" at best, and certainly saw the camera screen released in a spot not already clear, the scanner interesting printing in the same basic area though, the tool still contains " catch ", which will contain one of the front stereo speakers

The camera we double Maybe a sample of Google's power.

This year, regardless of all the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL turns, it has a dual camera. The basic camera at the back is the only camera so far. In addition, despite this, the dual unit will be on top of the phones.

In light of the current circumstances, what is the point? Some think two cameras will be used for the "representation mode" better than personal pictures, but this kind of conflict with Google's way of reaching the DSLR style of DSLR using programming techniques so to speak. Others realize that Sylvie's cameras can be used for some sort of avant-garde opening until they become aware of situations. There is a similar possibility that one of the cameras has a strong fusion lens, while the other will "normally", such as the adorable LG Mune video cell phone.

In any case, things are as they are, we can reveal this: we know that the two cameras are there and we can discover with 100% safety of what they are there.

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